The fastest way to fall asleep and stay asleep.

1. A cushion of soft hypoallergenic polyester hollofil® fibre rests over the water layer for the ultimate in comfort.

2. NASA researched thermal insulator surrounds the water layer and maintains the correct body temperature.

3. The patented easy-to-fill double layered water pouch provides gentle, responsive and proper support all night.

Just like C1 and C2 go together, correct cervical support combined with the right level of firmness can improve the quality of sleep while reducing neck pain. Since 1994, there has been a pillow clinically proven to do both. The Chiroflow® waterbase™ pillow has become the new standard for comfort, firmness control and cervical support to facilitate better outcomes for your patients.



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"I think it has advantages over the standard pillow that we have used. It is something that almost flows with the patient's positioning during the night."

- David Westerman, M.D.

Sleep Specialist


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The only fully adustable pillow

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Clinically Proven Outcomes

Chronic neck pain relief

Less waking of a night

Improved sleep quality

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